1. Fractions Pieces

2. Pizza Games

3. Paper Plates

4. Fraction Strips

5. Fraction Bingo

6. Picture Problems

7. Smarties

8. Fraction Kites

9. Fraction Pillar

10. Fraction  Name Art

11. Egg Fractions

12. Fraction Foldable

14. Fraction Thinking Map

15.  Lego Fractions

16. Fractions, Decimals, Percents

17. Fraction Charades

Split kids up into teams to play fraction charades! Each team takes turns acting out fractions. The other teams have to guess what the fraction is. The team that guesses correctly gets a point! Kids have to really think out of the box on how to portray their fraction. Example above: 1/3 of the kids are jumping.

18. Sweet Fractions

Next, have fun making colorful sprinkle fractions on tasty treats! Kids write the total number of sprinkles they would like on each treat in the large circles by each treat. They use a marker or crayon and color in the small circles underneath the boxes to represent each color sprinkle. They draw their sprinkles (with a marker or crayon) on the treat. Then, they write a fraction for each sprinkle color in the rectangular boxes.

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